Moving Forward

This blog marks a new chapter in the growth of Vegas Tips and Tricks. It will provide exactly the same content as I have been posting to the Facebook group, as well as providing links to our expanding world of social media. Each entry here will continue to be shared with those of you who are part of the group, though it may be necessary to click through to read the complete entry. I would like to continue to grow the group as a forum to share thoughts, questions and experiences and would encourage all the members to see it as their group, not mine. I will continue to moderate the posts but that is largely a formality. I plan to migrate all the previous tips to this blog but that may take some time as we are approaching 300. I think that new members will have a much easier time finding valuable resources here than trying to scroll through hundreds of posts in the hope of locating something worthwhile. The final numbered entry in the group will be #300 and, going forward, the posts will receive a short title and be searchable by tags. Thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavor over the past year and welcome to those of you joining us for the first time!


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