Slot Tips Shownotes

This weekend’s video is all about giving yourself the best chance to win and more time to play. Here’s a few highlights!

Slots are some of the worst bets in the casino with some machines holding 10% or more. Don’t expect to win!

Avoid the licensed slots like Wheel of Fortune or Game of Thrones. They have the poorest returns.

Machines with large jackpots, particularly progressive ones usually have fewer small hits. To play longer, you need more of these. Look for lower jackpots.

The shiny new multi denomination machines often have higher minimums than the older real slots, particularly if you want to get the top jackpots. In addition, the real slots usually pay better, particularly at the $1 level and above.

Consider off Strip and local casinos. They normally offer better odds.

Remember that the goal should be to have fun and get lots of “seat time,” not win big. Slow down, enjoy your Vegas time, regardless of what you play.

Compare jackpot payouts between the same type of machine. Look for better payouts, particularly at the lower level. Sometimes lower jackpots can be nearly as much as higher ones that pay off less frequently.

The key is having a good time. Slots are entertainment, not an investment. Play at a level where you are comfortable and go ahead and bump up your bets if you are winning. It’s fun!

Whatever you do, play with your players club card. Regular slot players get some of the best comps in the casino!