When visiting any big city, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to exercise caution.  While Las Vegas is generally very safe, there are places you simply shouldn’t go and things you shouldn’t do.  Here’s a few tips

  • The tourist areas of Vegas are some of the most heavily travelled, patrolled and watched places anywhere on the planet.   It is extremely unlikely that you will be a victim of any sort of violent crime, but pickpockets are common.  With so many distracted people, it is easy pickings.  Keep a close eye (and hand) on your valuables and  consider a money belt for extra security.
  • Don’t wander around if you don’t know where you are going.  There are areas very close to the Strip and Fremont Street which are pretty sketchy.  Stay in the main tourist areas, particularly late at night.  And stay with the crowds.  If you are the only person walking in a particular area, that should at least make you stop and think.
  • When you are in your hotel room, always keep the door locked and bolted.  Security is pretty lax, even at many higher end resorts and people who don’t belong (and may be up to something) do find there way into the hotel corridors, so make sure they can’t just open your door.
  • Along those same lines, don’t invite people you have just met to your hotel room.  The odds are that nothing bad will happen, but you shouldn’t take that risk.  If you meet someone while out and about, exchange contact information and agree to meet in a public place at another time.  If you are robbed or assaulted, I assure you that that experience will not “stay in Vegas.”
  • People tend to drink a great deal more than than they normally do in Las Vegas.  It goes without saying that you should never drink and drive but there are a lot of other activities that may not mix well with excessive alcohol consumption.  If you know you are going to be overindulging, leave the credit cards and ATM cards locked in the safe.  If you are travelling with a group, have a designated non-drinker keep an eye on things.  And always keep an eye on your drink.
  • Hotel security is all around you in most every casino.  If any person or situation makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable, let someone know.  They are there to help you and can escort you to your room or a cab if necessary.
  • When visiting in the summer months, be careful out of doors.  It is easy to get dehydrated when the temperature is 100 degrees.  Drink plenty of water and get out of the heat at regular intervals, but don’t buy water from random people on the street.