Getting Developed

After what you’ve read the past few days, you might think that there is no way that you’ll ever get a “free” room in Las Vegas. With all the statistical formulas and computerized analyses, those casino guys are going to know that you will never gamble enough to make it worth their while. That might be true if not for something called player development and you may be able to take advantage of something casinos count on: greed. You see, like most every business, a casino is never satisfied. They want more and more gamblers in their business gambling away more and more money. That means they have to take risks and give away stuff they may not get back in order to bring in new players. That may mean sending out two free buffets or a tote bag to a local. It could mean giving you a room, particularly during a slower period, in the hope that you will start spending more time and money in their hotel. Print mailings and (increasingly) emails are a big part of casino marketing and exactly why people receive the offers they do is a bit of a mystery. While often based on previous play, it can also be because of your zip code or any number of characteristics that can be flagged in a database. And, while you can’t do much about where you live, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a great room offer. Tomorrow we discuss a few!

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